Friday, July 4, 2008

Mount Manaia Mash

Today we read a story at mat time called "I will not ever never eat a Tomato" - it is about a little girl Lola who will not eat lots of vegetables and her big brother Charlie trys different ways to encourage her to try. Lola doesn't like mashed potato but when she trys out cloud fluff all the way from Mount Fuji she decides it is delicious!! At the end of the book I remembered we had vegetables left from our boil up and wondered what we could make with those... after lots of thinking and playing around with names we decided on "Mount Manaia Mash!" A team of helpers got together to peel and chop the vegetables. (We are becoming so skilled at this!) Then, after the veges were cooked another team worked on mashing them together. Finally at mat time we got to eat our Mount Manaia Mash. YUM YUM - everyone tried our mash and we had plenty of Mmmmm delicious - heard around Kindergarten. Excellent work team and well done everyone for trying out our mash. Do you remember what vegetables we used?

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Earl & Vickie said...

So what all is going into the mash?