Saturday, July 12, 2008

Manaia Kindergarten Bus Trip

When Geraldine Kindergarten set about to create a painting for Manaia Kindergarten showing important places in Geraldine, they first went on a bus trip got get to know their place. We watched their Bus Trip Video on their Blog. We thought it was a great idea, and so, as part of our Matariki Celebrations, we thought it would be a good idea for Manaia Kindergarten to go on a Bus Trip and get to know our area, the Whangarei Heads. The children have begun painting pictures about places and things that they felt were important. We have been talking about different beaches, whales in the sea, dolphins and of course Mt Manaia. We have looked at pictures on the internet and in books. Today we went to see these things for real - and take our own photos of landmarks that stood out for us. We had had to postpone the trip by a week, and our new date proved to have magnificent weather - it was all go for a wonderful trip on a bus. We visited McLeod Bay, Reotahi, drove through Tarakura, and frolicked in Urquharts before popping in to the Whangarei Heads Primary on the way home. The children of Whangarei Heads Primary School gathered to sing us their school song - a resounding rendition that awed the children of Manaia Kindergarten. We popped in to visit our friends in Room 6, where Sue the teacher, read all her children, and our 30 children, the story of the Jelly Bean Tree. A jublient and tired group clambered back onto the bus, and Toni, our very patient and accommodating bus drive, sedately drove us back to Kindergarten.

Here are the photos as contributed by teachers, parents and children alike...

When Tracey, from Geraldine Kindergarten, brought Manaia Kindergarten their painting, we were so impressed we thought we would also have a try at putting together a painting about our area. Although work on this has begun, it is a work in progress and our ideas continue to develop. As you can see, there is huge potential, and the process will be revisited in the new term.

So - have you visited the Whangarei Heads? Are you a resident, a visitor, or would you like to come to our place. We love our place. What about you?


lynfa & steven said...

It looked like everyone had a great trip on the bus! A very good way for the children to identify what Whangarei Heads means to them and then to transfer that into their art! Well done everyone.
Lynfa and Steven

Madeline & Ellinor said...

What a great day we all had on the bus trip around Whangarei Heads. The children were really excited and enjoyed visiting all the places in our local area.

It was good for the Kindergarten children to listen to the children at Whangarei Heads School singing and hear the Jellybean story.

Darren & Angela

tracey said...

Wow isn't it amazing how ICT such as skyping and blogging opens up an opportunity for us to share our knowledge and apply new ideas to what we currently understand.
We are so excited to be a part of your experiences and to have the opportunity to learn from one another from your friends at Geraldine Kindergarten .

Anonymous said...

a great big hello to jack, all the children at manaia kindergarten and their teachers!

i just saw the wonderful photos of your trip to whangarei heads, it looked like a fabulous trip and that you all had so much fun! and what beautiful weather, it is now getting very cold over here in london as we are coming into winter and you are all very lucky as summer is now approaching for you all! it will be a little while before the snow comes thou!

jack what a wonderful class you have, i miss you very much and cant wait to talk to you on the phone very soon!

your big sister,
(all the way from london!)