Wednesday, July 30, 2008

AAAAAAAri's PhotoStory

Ari said "I want to make a movie in the office"

After making the movie I asked Ari what he wanted to do with his movie. Ari said I want it on my DVD, at home and on the big screen.


Anonymous said...

Ari's family watched his movie tonight. His big brother Troy wanted to say this about it;
'Ari made a movie that he took at Kindy, I think it's OK'. His mum thought it was interesting and liked the last picture that Ari took of himself when he turned the camera around. His dad said it looks like Ari has a lovely time at Kindy and he has the potential of a global grammy award winner! His little sister just wanted to type on the keyboard.

Leanne said...

I really enjoyed your movie Ari. I especially liked the picture of yourself! Well done