Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Bars

When we arrived back at Kindergarten after the holidays we had a surprise waiting. A spin bar, parallel bars, and a new stage! We were eager to try it all out. We took photos and Zoe said "We could put the photos on the blog for Cindy!". Then we had a week of torrential rain and wind - storms became the topic of conversation until the sun came out again today. And today we had other new pieces of equipment - a net bridge and bannister rails! It was great to be in the great outdoors again after a week watching the rain. We practiced balancing, co-ordination, spinning. It was great to tread carefully across the bridge - watching our step rather than the ground under the net. We have explored many ways of using the parallel bars and are increasing our upper body strength. We have to remember to concentrate when sliding down the bannister rails. Its great to be outdoors, moving out bodies, making our hearts beat faster and our muscles grown stronger.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

AAAAAAAri's PhotoStory

Ari said "I want to make a movie in the office"

After making the movie I asked Ari what he wanted to do with his movie. Ari said I want it on my DVD, at home and on the big screen.

Healthy Heart Award

WOW For the second year running we have achieved our "Healthy Heart Award" at Manaia Kindergarten. Today Rona from the Heart Foundation came to present us with our Certificate. We talked to Rona about how we look after our heart and keep it healthy. We told Rona all of the healthy foods in our lunch boxes and the clear water we have from our water filter. We also talked about all of the active movement we do. A HUGE THANKS to all of our Kindergarten families for providing excellent food choices for the children of Manaia Kindergarten.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We Visited the Dental Nurse

On our first day back at Kindergarten this term, we visited the Dental Nurse. We went to check out the clinic and see what happens at the Dentist. We sat in the waiting room and then quietly went into the clinic. Anya, Olivia, Nellie and Noah all choose to sit in the dentist chair. When you visit the Dental Nurse you will get to wear a cool pair of glasses. These protect your eyes from the bright light that she shines on your teeth. The Dental Nurse uses a small mirror and as scraper to check your teeth. She said that we should brush our teeth twice a day - before we go to bed and after we have eaten our breakfast. We should use as much toothpaste as the size of a pea. When we have finished brushing our teeth we should either spit or swallow our tooth paste - but not rinse because we need all the flouride we can get in Northland (as we don't have any in our water). She also suggested that we let an adult clean our teeth once a day so they can get all the nitty gritty food out from the back and behind our teeth. We were so lucky after our visit to the Dental Nurse - she gave us all a stamp (motorbike or butterfly) and a sticker.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mobilo Aeroplane

Jack wanted to create an aeroplane with the mobilo. So with the help of a card he found all the pieces he needed and together we found the attachments and began creating. When finished, Jack set another goal for himself - he wanted to build a helicopter! After working on these creations, Jack exclaimed "Take a video, and we can put it on the blog"

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Manaia Kindergarten Bus Trip

When Geraldine Kindergarten set about to create a painting for Manaia Kindergarten showing important places in Geraldine, they first went on a bus trip got get to know their place. We watched their Bus Trip Video on their Blog. We thought it was a great idea, and so, as part of our Matariki Celebrations, we thought it would be a good idea for Manaia Kindergarten to go on a Bus Trip and get to know our area, the Whangarei Heads. The children have begun painting pictures about places and things that they felt were important. We have been talking about different beaches, whales in the sea, dolphins and of course Mt Manaia. We have looked at pictures on the internet and in books. Today we went to see these things for real - and take our own photos of landmarks that stood out for us. We had had to postpone the trip by a week, and our new date proved to have magnificent weather - it was all go for a wonderful trip on a bus. We visited McLeod Bay, Reotahi, drove through Tarakura, and frolicked in Urquharts before popping in to the Whangarei Heads Primary on the way home. The children of Whangarei Heads Primary School gathered to sing us their school song - a resounding rendition that awed the children of Manaia Kindergarten. We popped in to visit our friends in Room 6, where Sue the teacher, read all her children, and our 30 children, the story of the Jelly Bean Tree. A jublient and tired group clambered back onto the bus, and Toni, our very patient and accommodating bus drive, sedately drove us back to Kindergarten.

Here are the photos as contributed by teachers, parents and children alike...

When Tracey, from Geraldine Kindergarten, brought Manaia Kindergarten their painting, we were so impressed we thought we would also have a try at putting together a painting about our area. Although work on this has begun, it is a work in progress and our ideas continue to develop. As you can see, there is huge potential, and the process will be revisited in the new term.

So - have you visited the Whangarei Heads? Are you a resident, a visitor, or would you like to come to our place. We love our place. What about you?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Mount Manaia Mash

Today we read a story at mat time called "I will not ever never eat a Tomato" - it is about a little girl Lola who will not eat lots of vegetables and her big brother Charlie trys different ways to encourage her to try. Lola doesn't like mashed potato but when she trys out cloud fluff all the way from Mount Fuji she decides it is delicious!! At the end of the book I remembered we had vegetables left from our boil up and wondered what we could make with those... after lots of thinking and playing around with names we decided on "Mount Manaia Mash!" A team of helpers got together to peel and chop the vegetables. (We are becoming so skilled at this!) Then, after the veges were cooked another team worked on mashing them together. Finally at mat time we got to eat our Mount Manaia Mash. YUM YUM - everyone tried our mash and we had plenty of Mmmmm delicious - heard around Kindergarten. Excellent work team and well done everyone for trying out our mash. Do you remember what vegetables we used?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Boil Up

During our Matariki celebrations we read many books - including Mere Mckaskill's Boil Up (by Tracy Duncan, Reed Publication). Boil Up is a well known Maori Feast including lots of great cheap vegetables such as potato, kumara, pumpkin (and anything else you would have handy), and a big chunk of bacon hock (or pork bones of any sort). To add flavour a few bunches of Puha or Watercress is preferable (which you can pick from the side of the road, or out in the paddock). We decided to give it a go for our whanau and friends. We gathered the vegetables over the week. Sari brought in the watercress and Leonnie from 4Square sold us the Bacon Hock and gave out free advice for our feast. Many children thought they probably wouldn't try it - but as the smells of the food being stewed throughout the Friday Morning filled the Kindergarten - we all became hungry for the feast...