Thursday, June 26, 2008

Working with letters and numbers


Anonymous said...

Wow what clever children you all are. Did you spell all those names Lucy??

Well done from Noah's mum Lorraine x

Anonymous said...

It is lovely to see what you all do at Kindergarten. We are especially pleased to see Lucy learning how to spell all those names (I would like to see Nana added to the list!). We loved to see you all making pois and the pinkpoi dancers were wonderful. Thank you for sharing your activities with us, we don't feel so far away.
from Lucy's Nana and Grandad, Cambridge, England

Cindy said...

Hello Friends,
Nice to see everyone working so hard on letters and numbers. I watched your video and began wondering, who among you has the MOST letters in his or her name? I counted the most as 6, but I could be wrong. I love the number and letter puzzle pieces you were using. I also wondered if you could use the number puzzles right next to the letter puzzles to count each of the letters in your name?
Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

It was cool to see all you kids learning to spell your names so well. It looks like lots of fun at kindy. From Lucy's big sister Kate!