Thursday, June 19, 2008

Matariki Celebrations

We have been so busy at Manaia Kindergarten - we have hardly had time to blog!!

We have been celebrating Matariki - the rise of the Seven Stars in the east - the Pleiades cluster - the start of the Maori New Year. We have read the story about Matariki, and how Maori remember those who have passed and look to the future. Matariki is a time to get the soil ready and plant food for the future. Everybody at kindergarten is enjoying the celebrations!! We have heard great legends about Maui and his big fish. We learned the we live on the tail of the giant sting ray that is Te Ika a Maui (the north island of New Zealand). We have been learning some of the movements of a variety of Haka and the te reo (maori language) that goes with the haka. Everyone joined in creating poi (as seen in the moive below) and what a fantastic resource these have been as we discover the movements and words of Poi E. We are looking forward to our trip around the Whangarei Heads on a bus to learn more about our area and the Maori legends and history behind Mt Manaia.

(Check out our previous Poi making experiences on our Kindergarten Blog and how our skills have developed - also shown on our Kindergarten Blog)

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parua bay primary school said...

Kia Ora tamariki ma. Ka pai te poi!! Your dances, and what you have been learning about Matariki look fabulous. Milly's mum and dad enjoyed looking at this blog very much. Well done... TU MEKE tatou!!

E noho ra
Steven and Lynfa :-)