Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Boil Up

During our Matariki celebrations we read many books - including Mere Mckaskill's Boil Up (by Tracy Duncan, Reed Publication). Boil Up is a well known Maori Feast including lots of great cheap vegetables such as potato, kumara, pumpkin (and anything else you would have handy), and a big chunk of bacon hock (or pork bones of any sort). To add flavour a few bunches of Puha or Watercress is preferable (which you can pick from the side of the road, or out in the paddock). We decided to give it a go for our whanau and friends. We gathered the vegetables over the week. Sari brought in the watercress and Leonnie from 4Square sold us the Bacon Hock and gave out free advice for our feast. Many children thought they probably wouldn't try it - but as the smells of the food being stewed throughout the Friday Morning filled the Kindergarten - we all became hungry for the feast...

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Courtney Johnston said...

Kia ora Manaia Kindy!

Thank you for sharing your boil-up story on the Create Readers blog!

all the best

Courtney from the National Library.