Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Getting their wings!

Today we began to learn about jumping as far as we can. We talked about the best way to jump and which way would get us the furthest. It is recommended that to jump for distance it is best to bend at the knees, push your arms out straight behind you and then spring forward. As you fly through the air, you need to push your arms and legs forward. It is safest then to land on both feet - remember to keep your balance. How far can you jump?

Maybe you can teach your parents at home!


chrisando said...

Dear Mac,
I really enjoyed you showing me around kindy last Monday and introducing me to your friends.There are so many different activities for you all to do and I was especially impressed with the big volcanoes that you and Alex built in the sandpit. Have you started making your movie yet? Opa and I are really looking forward to watching it.I bet you are glad Mummy is home.Keep having fun with your friends.
Love Howie and Opa

Anonymous said...

Hey are you guys in Kindergarten???? Cool. I am in 5th grade!!!