Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Carpentry on the first day back!

The carpentry table was full on action today as the Manaia builders arrived back at Kindergarten. We even had 4 of our new children checking out the tools and equipment available. Excellent team work and communication skills as the builder worked alongside each other to build and create. The children experimented with drills, hammers, vices, pliers and saws and were excited by their results. Amazing persistence is required to saw through a piece of wood and children were proving this skill today! We look forward to watching the children working at the carpentry table more this term and seeing their skills develop further.


Mrs. Stringham said...

Wow! Looks like an exciting first day back to school! We are winding down our year and will begin summer break June 3.

We learned a little about dingos today. We love koala's and learned that the dingo is an enemy of the kaola. Have you ever seen a dingo?

We hope to hear from our friends in New Zealand!

Mrs. Stringhams
1st/2nd Community of Learners
Bartlett, IL

Vynka Short said...

Hi again! Is that ANOTHER photo I see of you Ari D'Anvers... you're a super-star!!! Have a fun time at kindergarten!