Friday, May 9, 2008

Building Volcanes

We had a fantastic day in the sandpit yesterday building volcanoes! There were 4 huge volcanoes in the sandpit and everyone wanted to make them explode. Ari's Mum, Justine, took photos of the whole experience. And, together with his Mum, Ari created a movie to tell you all about it. So without further ado - Ari and Justine tell it all...


Vynka Short said...

Hi Manaia Kindergarten! I've just watched Ari's volcano video and WOW,it was great! It looked like you had a wonderful time in the sandpit! My favourite photo was where the lava was over-flowing and Ari was sitting on the side with his friends watching it... I wish I could have been there!
Have a fun time at kindy this week and look after my super little nephew Ari!
Aunty Vynka

Grant Short said...

What a cool volcano you and your friends made Star Man {Ari}.

From Uncle Grant.