Thursday, April 3, 2008

Writing and Drawing at Kindergarten

We have lots of enthusiastic writers and artists at Manaia Kindergarten. We are always learning about letters and sounds. Everyday at mat time we look at the letter on the bean bag and think hard about words starting with that letter. We are all at different stages of learning about writing and are able to learn from each other. We have been thinking about all of the different places we find writing at Kindergarten and in the world! Also, all of the different places we can write at Kindergarten. Sometimes you see children sitting on top of boxes writing, sometimes they are in the family corner writing, at the carpentry table and of course at the art tables. Writing happens all around our Kindergarten! Today we had chalk outside and experimented with drawing and writing on our fence! What an amazing result. Check out our movie of the photos. We are competent artists and writers... We look forward to your comments.


pebsandjo said...

Wow what clever children and look how awesome the wall looked. Not only did you all draw and colour in your bodies you all wrote your names as well. I guess the rain washed them all away. well done everyone

Anonymous said...

Hi Manaia Kindergarten
I am Alex's Nana and I visited your Kindergarten recently. I really loved meeting you all and it is great that i can use your blogspot to find out what you are all doing.
Special hello to Alex
Carol Kennedy