Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Exploring symbols, letters and words...

Children at Manaia Kindergarten are encouraged to explore art, symbol making and writing through the resources provided. Children need a print rich environment to learn about writing, how it is used (signs, forms, stories, labeling), and why it is used (lists, instructions, conveying a message). Encourage your children to help you with your shopping list, draw maps, read road symbols, etc This way they learn that writing and symbols can be read and understood for many purposes. There are a range of stages children explore when they begin to learn to write. These do not always follow a set pattern and children explore the stages progressively and simultaneously - so it is common that a child who has learned to formulate conventional letters also finds purpose and enjoyment in scribbling and exploring pretend symbols. Watch how Manaia Kindergarten children explore the world of writing.

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