Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Liam climbs Mt Manaia!

At mat time yesterday Liam told me he was going to climb Mt Manaia after Kindergarten with his Dad. Mum and Nyall couldn't come - Mum has a baby in her tummy and Nyall is too slow for us, we want to go straight to the top without having a rest. Today Liam arrived at Kindergarten with his Mt Manaia photos on a CD which we went to play at mat time.... oh dear... no photos on the CD! oops said Mum! Luckily Sheelagh (Liam's Mum) was able to phone Mark (Liam's Dad) at home and emailed the photos to us (Yah for modern technology!). Liam worked with his photos to make a photo story, teaching his Mum the process along the way. We were all about to watch Liam's movie at mat time. Thanks Liam for sharing your adventure with us. I think I will go and walk up Mt Parihaka after work today.. I will take photos too!


parua bay primary school said...

WOW Liam. We are so amazed at your fitness and stamina to be able to climb Mt Manaia. Well done Liam.

Lynfa and Milly

Mark and Debra said...

Great climbing Liam, maybe next time you could take Emily, Megan and Sam and me with you.


Mark McDonagh said...

Wow Liam you are getting really tall !!
It looks like you and your Dad had a great day out.

Uncle Mark

Breakaway Retreat said...

Mum and Dad are so proud of you for climbing Mt Manaia without even having a break until you got to the top. What an achievement. WELL DONE Liam!.

Mummy and Niall are going to have to practice lots and lots so that we can climb Mt Manaia with you and Daddy too. But, I think you are going to have to walk a little bit slower for us!

Lots of love
Mum, Dad and Niall

Treehouse Dwellers said...

Awesome job Liam. I heard you also planned to climb Mt Parihaka! What adventures you are having.

Ruth said...

Wow Liam i am not suprised that you climbed all the way to the top of Mt Manaia. I remeber how great you are at walking and running when i was visiting you. well done and congratulations
lots of love
Aunty Ruth