Thursday, March 13, 2008

Acrobats at Kindergarten!

What a busy group of children in the art area today. The plan was organised for a acrobat show and of course everyone needed individual tickets. The children wanted to name every ticket so came up with the idea of using the name tags to copy their names. They worked hard to write names on every ticket and then prepare lollies (made from paper) for the show. 1/2 way through session they announced it was time, time for the show. We all gathered around the swing frame to watch the acrobats in action. The first part of the show was a swing show and then came the monkey bar show where everyone was able to join in. We are continually impressed by the imagination of the children at Manaia Kindergarten, their ability to make plans, set goals and organise their day at Kindergarten. Check out their amazing writing skills too. Thanks to the acrobats for organising such a great show!

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parua bay primary school said...

What a fabulous show you put on! I enjoy all the wonderful, imaginative adventures Manaia Kindy children have.