Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Zoe conquers the monkey bars

wow Today was very special for Zoe at Kindergarten. Today was the day she conquered the monkey bars. Zoe has persisted at this challenge and has been the most amazing trier! You should have seen the blisters on her hands! Zoe's skin had come right off and there was even blood! We are all so impressed and very proud of you Zoe for achieving your goal. We know your family will be VERY proud of you too. Great work Zoe. I wonder what your next goal will be???


Cindy said...

GREAT JOB! You must be so proud! It always feels FNATASTIC to complete a challenge. Way to go Zoe!

Manaia kindergarten said...

HI Zoe,

I am so proud of you that you practised for so long and finally got to succeed at something you wanted to do so badly. You are a CHAMPION MONKEY BAR HOPPER! I loved your movie and watching you swing from bar to bar. You must show me how you do that!

Love you LOADS

parua bay primary school said...

Well done Zoe. We enjoyed watching your fabulous monkey bar move.

Lynfa, Steven, Milly

richard killington said...

Zoe--you are a true superstar--well done and hope those blisters are better. We also loved seeing nutkins at your place--what a great time that squirrel had.

Love to all in the kindy--the best one in the world

love from granma Jill and granpa Richard in Leeds, EnglandXXX

Diane S said...

Hi Zoe
We think you are FANTASTIC!
Love from Diane, Jim and the girls of McLeod Bay and pooh-bear!

Tracey said...

Zoe you are such a star! When I was at Kindy on Friday I saaw that you have a new super-trick, you can go all the way to the end, turn around and go back again! Going uphill is so tricky. Well done!