Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wet Skipping!

Thanks Milly for bringing your “Jump Rope Splasher” to Kindergarten today. This very cool skipping rope attached to our hose and had lots of little holes in it where the water squirted out! We had turns holding the skipping rope and turns jumping over it getting wetter and wetter as we went. We tried out lots of different ways with the skipping rope – we tried jumping over it, crawling under it and then lying under it as Tania and Finn wiggled it above. It was like having a shower of rain falling down on us. What a great way to keep cool at Kindergarten while doing lots of active movement and exercise. We hope you bring it again another day Milly.


Mark and Debra said...

The hose was great! I enjoyed holding the end. Thank you Milly for sharing it with us.

love Emily xxx

lynhar said...

It looks like you all had a great time playing with the skipping rope/hose everyone. We're glad you enjoyed it Emily :-) What a lovely way for Manaia Kindy children to enjoy a sunny day.

From Milly's mum and dad.

Treehouse Dwellers said...

What a cool invention!! I hope you bring it again Milly - I would love to have a turn. Emily you really look WET and everyone looks like they are really enjoying the experience. Awesome.

Sarah Topper said...

Looks like great fun :-) It's lovely to see you having such fun with all your friends at Kindy Freya. Love Mummy and Daddy xx

scruffy said...

Hello Freya

That looked real fun - you will have to get Daddy to make you one to play with at home

Granny and Grandad