Thursday, February 28, 2008

Skyping Continues


Cindy said...

Hello Kindergarten Friends,
I love seeing what you are doing with SKYPE. It's so wonderful that Beverly could share a book with all of you from home. What fun!
Thanks for sharing!


pebsandjo said...

Wow you guys get to try so many different things and explore technology. How did you enjoy the book Beverly read you from home. Mac that story is one of your favourites that Howie also reads you.

Anonymous said...

Wow you guys are using Skype so well now. The projector and screen has certainly made a difference. Keep up the awesome work and see you all next week. :)

Linda said...

Hi! It is awesome to see how the kindergarten community has grown through the use of Skype - a new way to make friends.

Greenwood Community said...

Wow! What a great video.

I watched this video today while at an ECE ICT hui. I was really impressed with what you and the children are all doing at your Kindergarten. What was the big screen like for using the Skype?

At our Kindergarten we are starting to have a go with Skype and would love to have someone to call. Would the children from Greenwood be able to call you on Skype sometime?

tracey said...

Thanks everyone at Manaia for supporting us with skyping. We will be in touch again soon because we would love you to be involved sharing your ideas in the design of our new playground equipment.
From your friends at Geraldine Kindergarten