Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sandpit Work


Treehouse Dwellers said...

Wow - it looks like everyone pulled together for this construction job. I could see people working, others thinking (planning), some directing, and everyone co-operating. It must have been hot work so its a good thing there was lots of water around. You guys seemed to use the ENTIRE sandpit for this job.

It was great talking to you on tuesday - you told me about this work with trucks and it's been great seeing a movie about your work with the trucks. Thanks Liam for suggesting to "put it on the blog" - it's been good to keep up with all the things happening at Manaia Kindergarten while I have been away.

Love Beverly

Breakaway Retreat said...

Liam, I'm not surprised you wanted to put your work in the sandpit on the blog. You worked really hard with your friends building your lake and streams. It was lovely to see you all taking turns digging, driving the trucks and loading the trucks. It wasn't long before all the girls joined in too.

I know you and Niall love to see yourselves on the Kindergarten blog and watch the videos over and over and over again, calling out whenever you see yourselves "that's me, that's me, that's Liam, that's Niall.

Lots of love
Mum and Dad

Cindy said...
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Cindy said...

Hello Friends,
It's great to see you all working together so nicely. Looks like you're having lots of fun.
We here at Kindergarten Tales are busy digging too....digging our way out of SNOW! We have another snow day! No school. ;-( We're working on gathering pictures to share with you.
Enjoy your warm weather! ;-)


Mark McDonagh said...

Wow Liam it looks like you and your friends are having a great time in the sandpit. You must be delighted to be back at Kindy with all your friends !!

The weather looks very good in NZ !! Its still cold here in Ireland, there was frost on my Car this morning when I left for Work.