Thursday, February 28, 2008

Parachute Games

We have been enjoying using the parachute at Kindergarten. We have many different songs and games we can do with the parachute. Our favourite is when we have turns at laying underneath the parachute and the children around the outside lift it up to peep at us! We have also been making big tents and all popping underneath – wow does it get hot in there! We have been practicing our counting skills and following instructions to lift the parachute up in the air – it looks amazing! We are learning lots of different math language – up, down, under, over and looking at the different colours and segments that the parachute is made from. Another game we play is where we listen to Tania’s instructions and have to put one hand on one colour and one hand on another colour OR get really tricky and put one hand on one colour and one foot on another colour. Tania tries to make us tangled up so we fall over! The parachute is heaps of fun and we will keep exploring what we can do with it.


Cindy said...

Hello Friends,
Seems like you had lots of fun with the parachute. Guess what? We have the same parachute. We play some of the same games. Going under the parachute is our favorite. We never tried putting our legs under, maybe next time we get it out we will.
Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. Blakely's AM class

pebsandjo said...

Well you guys looked like you had lots of fun with the parachute. What a great thing to do on a lovely hot day.

Anonymous said...

can you give me a suggestion on where to get songs for the parachute games, or lessons for the games? i am an aspiring PE teaher and need all the help you can offer. if there is any help you can offer. thanks.