Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nutkin at Bev's Place

Nutkin and I had a great time together. Nutkin met some of my other friends and exlpored our house. He jumped, ran and climbed EVERYTHING! So I had to take him outside. Nutkin loved climbing the different trees - the Punga Fern, Rewarewa, Lancewood and most of all the Kauri tree - maybe oneday when he's bigger he will climb the really BIG Kauri tree. After all his running and climbing, Nutkin watched a DVD (his favourite he said "Over the Hedge" - I think cause there's a squirrel in it). He did some drawings with me and then hoped into bed. He was lonely so we all cuddled up together. It was great having Nutkin at my place - I hope he comes to visit again sometime.


Manaia kindergarten said...

WOW What a great adventure Nutkin had at your house Beverly and what amazing movie making skills you have... we enjoyed watching your movie of your day together. It's great to have friends visiting when your feeling unwell. We hope Nutkin looked after you.
Love Tania

Gilchrist News said...

This is my first time on your blog
my friend Mrs. Blakely told me about Nutkin. I love Nutkin on the treadmill. I will continue to look out for Nutkin next adventure.

Mrs. Gilchrist

The "First" News said...

Nutkin sure is having fun visiting with his friends. In this video he helped me learn about your different types of trees. Our trees look very different in Carol Stream, IL. I really enjoy watching Nutkin on all his adventures!

Mrs. Borczak
(Mrs. Blakely's first grade teacher friend)