Thursday, February 28, 2008

Skyping Continues

Parachute Games

We have been enjoying using the parachute at Kindergarten. We have many different songs and games we can do with the parachute. Our favourite is when we have turns at laying underneath the parachute and the children around the outside lift it up to peep at us! We have also been making big tents and all popping underneath – wow does it get hot in there! We have been practicing our counting skills and following instructions to lift the parachute up in the air – it looks amazing! We are learning lots of different math language – up, down, under, over and looking at the different colours and segments that the parachute is made from. Another game we play is where we listen to Tania’s instructions and have to put one hand on one colour and one hand on another colour OR get really tricky and put one hand on one colour and one foot on another colour. Tania tries to make us tangled up so we fall over! The parachute is heaps of fun and we will keep exploring what we can do with it.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Busy Madeline

Today Madeline watched on as Zoe made her monkey bars movie in the office with Emma. Madeline waited patiently and then asked Emma if she could make a movie for the blog too! Emma wondered what Madeline would like to make her movie about and Madeline told her. Off the went to take photos for the movie. Check out Madelines moves! Madeline is becoming a competent movie maker and is so confident in using the microphone!

Zoe conquers the monkey bars

wow Today was very special for Zoe at Kindergarten. Today was the day she conquered the monkey bars. Zoe has persisted at this challenge and has been the most amazing trier! You should have seen the blisters on her hands! Zoe's skin had come right off and there was even blood! We are all so impressed and very proud of you Zoe for achieving your goal. We know your family will be VERY proud of you too. Great work Zoe. I wonder what your next goal will be???

Friday, February 22, 2008


Just in case you haven't heard the news... Nutkin has developed his own blog! Nutkin enjoys showing off all of the movies of the adventures he has at the many different places he stays. I think Nutkin is the luckiest Squirrel in the world! The children of Manaia Kindergarten are having so much fun spending time with Nutkin. Check out his blog..

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nutkin at Bev's Place

Nutkin and I had a great time together. Nutkin met some of my other friends and exlpored our house. He jumped, ran and climbed EVERYTHING! So I had to take him outside. Nutkin loved climbing the different trees - the Punga Fern, Rewarewa, Lancewood and most of all the Kauri tree - maybe oneday when he's bigger he will climb the really BIG Kauri tree. After all his running and climbing, Nutkin watched a DVD (his favourite he said "Over the Hedge" - I think cause there's a squirrel in it). He did some drawings with me and then hoped into bed. He was lonely so we all cuddled up together. It was great having Nutkin at my place - I hope he comes to visit again sometime.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wet Skipping!

Thanks Milly for bringing your “Jump Rope Splasher” to Kindergarten today. This very cool skipping rope attached to our hose and had lots of little holes in it where the water squirted out! We had turns holding the skipping rope and turns jumping over it getting wetter and wetter as we went. We tried out lots of different ways with the skipping rope – we tried jumping over it, crawling under it and then lying under it as Tania and Finn wiggled it above. It was like having a shower of rain falling down on us. What a great way to keep cool at Kindergarten while doing lots of active movement and exercise. We hope you bring it again another day Milly.

Zoe and Nutkin

Aimee takes Nutkin home

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Amelie's Super Sewing Skills

Amelie and her family have just moved to Whangarei from Dunedin. Amelie has been at Manaia Kindergarten for just over two weeks. Amelie has already made many friends and has quickly settled into our Kindergarten. Today Amelie had her first turn at sewing and what a sewing star she turned out to be! Look at her amazing work! The funniest thing was that Amelie was sitting on the floor to sew and sewing on her lap and actually sewed her sewing to her dress not once but twice!!! What a lot of un stitching Tania had to do to untangle Amelie from her sewing!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Keeping in touch

Fishing - Manaia Style!

Pancake Flipping

Thanks to Lorraine and Pip for spending the morning at Kindergarten making and flipping pancakes with us! Lorraine and Pip are from the UK where the celebrate "Shrove Tuesday" on the 5th of February. On Shrove Tuesday everyone eats pancakes!! There are lots of families at our Kindergarten from the UK and we enjoyed sharing their tradition with them, especially the eating pancakes part!