Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Justin's Movie

Justin has enjoyed using the camera this week. Yesterday and today we watched Justin tour the Kindergarten, aiming his camera and thoughtfully taking his photos. Today Justin sat on the swings and watched the going-ons outside - picking up the camera from time to time and taking a photo. Justin really wanted to print his pictures out and chose 9 of his favourite to print. Then he created this movie...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Learning the Monkey Bars

Mac said "Tania, I can do the monkey bars, take a photo of me" - that is what we did. Mac wanted to put his photos on the blog so "mum and dad and opa and Howie can see them"... Here are Mac's photos. Mac is practicing and practicing and developing his muscles so he can make it all the way across the monkey bars. At the moment he can make 2 monkey bars.. Good Luck Mac!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

KinderOlympics 2007

What an awesome day we had at the KinderOlympics. Tony drove us in the bus to Okara Park where we had a quick bit to eat before taking part in the March Past with all the other kindergartens that attended. There was a lot of excitement and hundreds of other children at the Olympics. We began our first activity - sack races then moved through the other 6 challenges. We kicked balls, jumped hoops, threw beanbags, crawled tunnels, rolled, ran, bounced - check it all out on the movie.

Thanks to all the parents who joined in this years KinderOlympics. Everything ran smoothly.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


At the recent conferences Tania and I attended we took note of new ideas to challenge the children with. We have observed these ideas in action, reflected on their implementation, and come up with revised ideas to explore with the children at Manaia Kindergarten. Exploring resources such as the ones you can see on the movie below, provides children with creative opportunities as well as exploring Math and Science concepts. The children choose from a range of resources, glass beads, grey stones, animals, feathers,... and create patterns, shapes, words, designs. When their creation is complete they use the digital camera to document their work, and then they sort the resources back into the boxes.

Here is the beginning of this new journey for them...

When Emily and Megan began to explore these resources their brother and their sister joined them. The four siblings worked together - exploring, sharing, helping. Emily was so excited about it all that she said she wanted the photos she took on the blog (see movie above). Here are the four of them - enjoying Kindergarten together.

Mac's Farmyard Story

Mac arrived at Kindergarten today with a plan. Mac's plan was to build a farm with all of the animals, he wanted to take photos of it and specifically wanted it "on the blog". Mac's Mum told me that Mac looks at the blog every night and is very interested it what is on it. Mac worked really hard with his friend Liam to organise his farm. They build paddocks using different sized pieces of wood and tried out a variety of animals in each paddock before they came up with the finished farm. Next it was time to download the photos I had taken and make it into a movie. Mac knew he wanted to talk on the movie so we went into the office to use the microphone. Mac showed amazing confidence in talking to his pictures and knew exactly what he wanted to say. As we were saving Mac's movie the computer "crashed" - what a disappointment.. "Will it still be on the blog?" Mac asked. I had to explain that we would have to do it all over again... Mac showed amazing perserverence as he worked through the whole process again. I was very impressed with his persistence and know he was happy with his finished product. "Can you put it on the blog now?" Mac asked... Well here it is Mac. I know your Mum and Dad and family will be very proud of you just like I am. I look forward to their comments.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Holiday Stories

On our first day back for term 4, everyone wanted to share their holiday stories... here are their stories.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Artists in Action

Term 4 2007 – with the idea of an art exhibition in mind we have decided to explore the variety of art mediums we have available at Kindergarten. This will be an ideal opportunity to introduce the various mediums and options to many of our new children at Kindergarten and to increase our knowledge of following processes. We have no finished “product” in mind and are excited by the possibilities.

We begin – using cardboard, sponges, rollers and a variety of paint colours. We talked to the children about our ideas and about how we would like to start by painting a background. Children were able to choose their colours and method of painting their background. All the way through we discussed ideas of “what next” and the children came up with ideas of using different coloured paint, including shapes, drawing pictures… At mat time we talked about what we had done and looked at various children’s work – we discussed ideas of what we could do tomorrow and reminded children about planning and thinking about ideas. Parents also were involved with the ideas process and Hunderwasser was mentioned… Angie phoned the library to see if any books available but were all out….

The next day – we used the internet to find Hunderwasser pictures and printed them out and laminated. These pictures were displayed on the art table for inspiration! Riley was involved in setting up the table and chose the paints he thought would work best and got these ready. Pastels were also available. We experimented with pencils and vivids. Some children decided to draw their picture first with pencil or vivid, others decided to use paint and/or pastels. Our pictures are looking amazing….. We are impressed with the persistence being displayed by our children and the thought processes they are using to design and create their masterpieces. We talked to the children about buying special gold and silver pens to outline their pictures and add special effects. Again children’s work was showcased at mat time, pointing out the various ways children had used art mediums.

What happens next….

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ulearn 07 - Presentation Evaluation

  • Please comment on how you feel about the course content, format and presentation?
  • Do you have any suggestions as to ways in which this workshop programme might be improved or developed for future sessions?
  • We would love to hear your comments on our presentation/children's work/and blogging in general.
  • Remember to look through the blog and leave comments for the children under their posts.

Rotorua - ECE Convention

Tania and I have been without the internet for a week - but we haven't stopped working and we haven't stopped having fun!! The Early Childhood Convention in Rotorua was busy, inspiring, and a great team building event. We have put a small movie together to show you the highlights. After completing the movie we realised that there is very little of the actual convention in the hightlights - but a photo of a lecture is hardly inspiring. Rest assured - we are coming back to Kindergarten with new and challenging ideas.
Check out what we have been up to for the first week of the holidays...