Saturday, September 22, 2007

Answers from our American Friends

How awesome - the children at Kindergarten Tales
have responded to our questions. You can see their answers here. Check them out.
Over the holidays maybe you could think of the stories you would like to share with our American friends about your holiday adventures.

Don't forget to keep checking in as Tania and I travel to Rotorua and Auckland and show others how much everyone is enjoying having a kindergarten blog.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dear Friends in America...

Our friends in America asked us some questions about life in NZ You can see them on their classblog here Kindergarten Tales. We have answered their questions and then come up with some questions we would like to ask them. We look forward to their response. It is great that we can be learning with children on the other side of the world!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dad's Fish and Chips Night

We have been looking forward to this night for weeks. We have been learning the Fish and Chips song and looking forward to singing and dancing with our Dad’s. Tonight was the night! We arrived at Kindergarten and it was still light enough to play outside for awhile. We showed our Dad’s our portfolios and our work displayed on the walls. We read stories and did puzzles. Soon it was time for mat time, time to dance and sing the Fish and Chip song before we got to eat our YUMMY Fish and chips! It was a great picnic with all of our friends and Dads eating off the paper with lots of tomato sauce to share around. Tidy up time came far too quickly but luckily there was a special fairy cake to eat (THANKS Debra!) while Beverly read us a bedtime story. Home to bed to dream about eating Fish and Chips. We look forward to our next event!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Shea's Paintings

"I want to put a painting on the blog for my brother..."

Painting for my brother

Octopus for my mother

A painting of my Dad's dog

Sharing their learning

After watching the movie of their house boat building - Shea and Mia talked about their building experience. Here's what they had to say...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Megan conquers the Monkey Bars!

After many months of practicing and persistence with the monkey bars, today was the day! The day you made it right across the monkey bars! All of your friends were very proud of you and came running to tell me, the look on your face said it all, you were also very proud of yourself! I quickly ran to get the camera to take photos of this momentous day in action. I was very impressed when you did it again Megan – all the way to the other side, a look of determination on your face and your tongue out! Well done Megan, you have now joined the very special “club” of those who have conquered those monkey bars! Now it is time for you help other children, remind them to practice and encourage them too. I wonder who will be next to conquer the monkey bars?

Friday, September 7, 2007

The Boat House

What a great time building the Boat House - just like the place that Dad lives.
These two engineers built boat house after boat house. When they finished one they enjoyed knocking it down and creating a new one. Eventually everyone wanted a boat house and the mat was covered with colourful creative structures.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Blog Friendships with America!

Cindy has been leaving comments on our Kindergarten blog over the last few months. We have been eagerly awaiting Cindy's school year to start in America so we can see her class blog which she has just set up. Tania and Beverly have started talking with Cindy using skype on the computer and it is exciting to talk about Kindergarten together. Yesterday we had the opportunity to look at Cindy's class blog. How exciting when we saw they had built The Great Wall of China just like us! It was funny to see a photo of Alex and Liam on their blog... it wasn't our Alex or Liam though! We look forward to keeping an eye on their blog and posting more comments. It will be great to get ideas from each other and see what different things happen at Kindergarten in America. Thanks Cindy and all the Kindergarten children!

A day for Painting!

This kept us busy for hours! There's alot of fences to paint at Kindergarten and today was a beautiful sunny day - just perfect weather for painting. It was great to see such amazing team work again... lots of sharing and working together to paint a whole section of the fence. Well done Manaia Kindergarten children.

Kindergarten Cross Country