Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Eclipse of the Moon

It was too late at night for many of our children to watch this spectacular event. So I took the photos and made a movie. The children were able to see the eclipse of the moon in a fraction of the time it took. There was much interest, and some children watched it over and over again.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Explorations in Art

Manaia Kindergarten children continue to explore paint and texture, sculpture and collage. They have been keen to share their work on the blog. Much of what you will see in this video has been created as decorations for our up-coming Fish&Chip evening with Dad's (a Father's Day celebration). Check it out and feel free to contribute your thoughts and encouragement.

Still Sewing!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007


We made a promise and the children were hyped for the occassion. Party books were brought, decorations made, food contributed...

Thanks to everyone who helped with party celebrations, who visits our blog, who have left comments... we really appreciate your support. We hope the Blog continues to be a source of excitement as we share our learning with you.

A special movie for Grandad Scott in the UK

Emily worked so hard on this sewing for her Grandad Scott. It took Emily a very long time and she really showed amazing persistence. Emily was very proud of what she had made and wanted to show Grandad her work via the blog. We look forward to his comments!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Another of Sewing Stars!

Sewing Stars at Manaia Kindergarten

WOW Sewing has really taken off at Manaia Kindergarten and we are becoming competent at sewing! We begin by drawing a picture on the hessian, choosing what colour wool we would like to use, threading the needle and beginning our stitches. Tania helps us with threading the needle and tying knots at the end so our wool doesn't come undone. Everyone is very impressed with how quick we are to pick up sewing skills and the amazing creations we are producing. We are becoming sewing experts!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Shea’s Painting

“I put tops in there and lots of blue on the bottom and yellow on the top…. And Aliens and skeletons !!!!!
See the picture you can make it a different colour”

Shea created this masterpiece on the Digital Blue Microscope software.

Shea's Movie

Shea has waited a long time to have his movie up on our Blog. Today Shea wanted to put the movie up together with the teachers. He also wants to a movie he made about bugs onto the blog.
Heres Shea's story about his time at Kindergarten.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Farewell Oscar

Today we had to say Good-bye to Oscar. Keri, his Mum, came in for the celebrations and made pikelets with the children. What a wonderful morning it was - many of the children and parents sitting around the table enjoying eachothers company and helping eachother as we shook up the cream, flip the pikelets, spread on the jam, and enjoyed the taste. Safety issues were discussed, taking turns was essentials, observing techniques, tasting something new for some children were some of the learning skills that were practiced... with a tasty reward in the end.

Awesome Art


What fantastic artists we have at kindergarten. The art area is a-buzz with activity. It is great having natural resources for everyone to experiment with. Often children have ideas about what they want to accomplish at the art table and they find the resources they need to achieve this. It is great to look at our art and think about how it makes us feel. We have been celebrating our art by putting our artwork on the walls. Now we have other opportunities too - to put our visual art ideas to music and share them with the world.

Designer Children!

"Welcome" from Manaia Kindergarten Children. We have recreated ourselves in artwork that is displayed around the walls of our Kindergarten. We had a photo taken of our faces and then we are able to recreate our bodies with painted shapes including our arms legs, sometimes we add fingers and toes. It is great to use colours to explore and express ourselves.

Monday, August 13, 2007

A post from Tania

Hi Everyone
It was great to visit Kindergarten and see you all today. I am very proud that we have had over 1000 visitors to our blog and had to come out to celebrate with you. I hope you all enjoyed our chocolate cake with 1000 on it! We will have a REAL PARTY when Beverly, Emma and I are all at Kindergarten very soon. Have a great week with Annette. See you all soon
Lots of Love

PS - Ask Emma or Beverly to load the photo of the cake onto our blog! Thanks.


Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Library Bus

Living out on the Whangarei Heads, with the Kindergarten on the shores of the harbour is magical. Access to a library, however, could be difficult - if it wasn't for the great service of the Whangarei Library Bus!! Once a MONTH :-) the bus rolls down our road and comes to a halt outside our front door. The cheers from the children can be heard by the Librarian Wendy, driving the bus. They rush to the gate to watch as Wendy sets the bus up for eager readers. We traipse on in groups of four – scavenge through the shelves to find a book to treasure for a month, sit on the bean bags or the steps of the bus to check out our find and then give our books to Wendy to process. We then race back to Kindergarten and open new worlds of words and illustrations. We love the days when the Library Bus comes to Kindergarten.