Monday, December 3, 2007

Nutkin Squirrel spends the weekend at Rohan's house!

Rohan has been a great friend to Nutkin Squirrel since he arrived in New Zealand from America. Who better to take Nutkin home for his first weekend adventure... Rohan lives at Headland Farm Park at Parua Bay and this movie shows you the wonderful time they had together at Rohan's house. Rohan came to Kindergarten today very excited with photos on the digital camera to share. Rohan had a plan to put his photos together into a movie and used the microphone to record his story of his weekend with Nutkin Squirrel. I love your movie Rohan and can tell your family enjoyed having a visitor for the weekend. Thanks for sharing your story with everyone at Manaia Kindergarten. I know the Kindergarten Tales children in America will enjoy watching your movie too. We look forward to their comments.


Cindy said...

Oh my it looks like Nutkin is having a WONDERFUL time in New Zealand. How nice of you to take him home and show him so many fun things to do. Thank you so much for sharing your movie. I will be sure to show the Kindergarten Tales kids tomorrow.

Cindy said...

(comments from the AM class)
*Rohan your movie was really cute. *It was cool.
*It was nice.
*It looks like Nutkin is having a BLAST.
*It's funny 'cause Nutkin was on the swing.

Cindy said...

Comments from the PM Class:
* I really like the movie very much.
*The movie was awesome.
* The movie was cool.
* The movie was a blast.
* We miss Nutkin.
* I love the name Nutkin.

Hurupaki Kindergarten said...

Hi Rohan
We think your video is great. It looks as if Nutkin had a wonderful time visiting your house. We especially liked the photo of you, nutkin, and your boxer dog.