Monday, December 3, 2007

Mrs Bunny (Rocket) comes to visit with....

After Pippen's visit Zoe wanted to ask Emma if she could bring in her Rabbit. Emma had emailed us while in South Africa to tell us that her Bunnies had had babies while she was away. So Emma brought in her Mother Bunny Rabbit (Rocket) and Baby Rabbit. Emma has said that we can name the baby. We have listed some names that the children at Manaia Kindergarten have come up with for the Baby Rabbit. You have your vote...(see the poll on the right)
Here is Rocket and Baby's day at Manaia Kindergarten.


pebsandjo said...

Thankyou Emma for bringing your rabbits to kindergarten. I think the baby bunny is very cute and it looks so little next to its mum. We hope you get a name for the bunny soon, I have voted and I think bunny is a good name.

Lots of love


Megan said...

Hi everyone - how's Emma's baby rabbit? I voted for the name to be Shuttle but I think that Lulu is winning the votes
Hope you get to have your 5000th visitor party!