Wednesday, December 19, 2007

End of Year Celebrations

What a spectacular end to the year. Thanks to Dave for an awesome ride in his helicopter and helping us to bring gifts for Kindergarten to the End of year Celebration. Heaps of new equipment was unwrapped ready to explore and test at the party before delivering them to Kindergarten for 2008. It was great to mix and mingle, catch up with older siblings, enjoy the beach and the summer sun (yeah right) mingled with a good dose of drizzle. This didn't dampen our spirits and great fun was had by all. Thanks to Neil and Ian for slaving away at the BBQ - the susage sizzle was yummy. A huge thank you is passed on to Glenn, Russel, Rebecca and Angela for going the extra mile for the children at Manaia Kindergarten. Thanks to all the families for a wonderful year full of learning, support, cleaning, laughing, crying, baking, reading, cleaning and sharing. We wish you all safe and happy holidays.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A song for Christmas!

Found this on Naketa's blog - ENJOY! Very clever.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Mrs Bunny (Rocket) comes to visit with....

After Pippen's visit Zoe wanted to ask Emma if she could bring in her Rabbit. Emma had emailed us while in South Africa to tell us that her Bunnies had had babies while she was away. So Emma brought in her Mother Bunny Rabbit (Rocket) and Baby Rabbit. Emma has said that we can name the baby. We have listed some names that the children at Manaia Kindergarten have come up with for the Baby Rabbit. You have your vote...(see the poll on the right)
Here is Rocket and Baby's day at Manaia Kindergarten.

Nutkin Squirrel spends the weekend at Rohan's house!

Rohan has been a great friend to Nutkin Squirrel since he arrived in New Zealand from America. Who better to take Nutkin home for his first weekend adventure... Rohan lives at Headland Farm Park at Parua Bay and this movie shows you the wonderful time they had together at Rohan's house. Rohan came to Kindergarten today very excited with photos on the digital camera to share. Rohan had a plan to put his photos together into a movie and used the microphone to record his story of his weekend with Nutkin Squirrel. I love your movie Rohan and can tell your family enjoyed having a visitor for the weekend. Thanks for sharing your story with everyone at Manaia Kindergarten. I know the Kindergarten Tales children in America will enjoy watching your movie too. We look forward to their comments.