Friday, November 30, 2007

A visitor from Russia!

Anya has moved to New Zealand from Russia and is living at McLeods Bay. Anya came to Kindergarten today to introduce us to Yoga. Anya brought along a "Matreshka" - Russian Doll - to share with us. At mat time we looked at the Matreshka and were amazed as we had turns to open each doll. Remember how many dolls there were? 12 Dolls ranging in size from BIG to very, very little! Anya then took us on a yoga adventure. We began by being Mountains, stretching way up high into the sky - we turned into Eagles with long tails and big wings, stretching our bodies. Next we were cobras on the ground... We also made turtle shapes, cat shapes and boats with our bodies. It was an amazing adventure moving our bodies into different positions. Tania and Beverly were amazed at our concentration skills and our ability to move our bodies into the shapes. We look forward to Anya visiting again - next time it will be a journey to South Africa! Anya is offering Yoga classes for children, see Tania or Beverly for information.


Breakaway Retreat said...

What a great experience for the children at Manaia Kindergarten, going on a yoga adventure!

Liam has been showing his dad all the yoga moves we learnt at kindergarten.

Liam's muscles seem to have stretched overnight as his toes are nearly touching his head, while he's being a boat.

Mum and Dad.

pebsandjo said...

Wow what great Yoga everyone, it looks like you all participated really well. I am sure yoga is important for firemen to keep their muscles strong Mac.

You are all so lucky to have such great experiences at kindergarten

lots of love

the rivers

Leanne said...

Another great learning experience for Aiden at Kindergarten - he was most impressed with Anyas dolls and has been showing off his yoga moves at home.
Mum wishes she could bend like Anya!!

Love Mum