Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tunnel Rolling

A day of thinking of new innovative ideas at Kindergarten today for Raquel and Maggie. I was standing outside when suddenly this long red "creature" came rolling towards me! I think I would have been scared had I not heard the giggling sounds coming from inside! What was it? It was Maggie and Raquel rolling there way through Kindergarten in the tunnel. It took alot of physical energy and coordination to get the long tunnel moving. They worked as a team to move the tunnel from one end of the grass to the middle. Temiluca thought they had a great plan and jumped in to help them. They found it was a lot harder to move in time with 3 people inside. At mat time today we showed all of the children Maggie & Raquel's movie of the rolling tunnel and lots of other children gave it a go today. It is great that we continue to try out new ideas at Kindergarten and share our ideas with friends! I wonder what will happen next!


Cindy said...

What fun! I used to love to roll around like this when I was little. We used old boxes with the top and bottom opened. It was great fun. Now that I am older, I can't even turn around quickly without getting overly dizzy! ;-)
Enjoy the fun while you can! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Wow! That looks so cool! I'm going to have a turn when I come up next!
See you soon