Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pippens long stay at Manaia

We have been enjoying Pippen at Manaia Kindergarten for a whole week. We have learnt about keeping animals well feed and making sure they have water. We have cleaned her cage giving her fresh straw and newspaper. She loves to hid under the clean straw. Onerahi Kindergarten taught us to make a circle with our feet to keep Pippen safe with us when she is out of the cage. When we held Pippen we knew to hold her gently - because she is just small and it is our job to protect her. We loved feeding Pippen carrot weed - and she loved eating it. Once she escaped from her safe circle of friends and hid in the shade. Guniea Pigs can run fast. Zoe loved giving Pippen cuddles and asked if we could have a Guniea Pig at Manaia Kindergarten all the time. We decided we would talk to Emma about bringing in her pet rabbit (Rocket) and her new babybunny. We will wait until next week to talk to Emma.

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McCullum said...

Hi Zara

It is great to see your kindergarten is so much fun, and that you really enjoyed your visit from Pippen and the yoga lady.

Say hello to Milly from Tai and Grath (Avenues Creche) and her dancing was great too.

Lots Luv

Tai, & Che, (McCullum)