Friday, November 9, 2007

Pippen Visits from Onerahi Kindergarten

Eleanor read a story to a small group of children and in the story there was a picture of two small animals. Eleanor asked the group if they knew what kind of animal they were. Some children thought they were rats, others were not so sure. Eleanor said that they were actually Guinea Pigs. Tegan said she had never seen a guinea pig before and that when Eleanor told us about Pippen. Pippen is the pet guinea pig that lives at Onerahi Kindergarten. Today Eleanor brought Pippen in for a visit. We had a great time with Pippen. She was a quiet, patient guinea pig who loved cuddles and eating grass. She ate all the grass we fed her and squeaked with joy. We loved her noises too. We enjoyed Pippen's stay so much that today we sent a fax to Onerahi Kindergarten asking if Pippen could come and visit for a week... Here is a movie about Pippen's visit. Thanks to Eleanor (our teacher while Tania is away) and Helen (Head teacher at Onerahi) for organising this first introduction to Pippen, the guinea pig. We look forward to her longer stay.


Tarnz said...

Did you know I used to work at Onerahi Kindergarten and we had guniea pigs then... guess what happened??? One day when i had a guniea pig sitting on my knee it did wees!!!!! Everyone laughed, we thought it was very funny. Luckily I lived just down the road from Kindergarten and could go home and get changed! I think now I am toooo scared to hold guniea pigs!

Emma said...

Pippen sounds lovely. I'm sure she will enjoy her week long holiday in a new place. While I am in South Africa my rabbits have had babies. I was not expecting that at all as 'mum' and 'dad' have been in the same cage for months and nothing had happened. Then one day Gareth opened the cage and saw heaps of fluff (the mother bunnies pull out some of their hair to make nests.) He found 6 little (funny looking) baby rabbits and he emailed me the news. I will email you the photo I have. Can't wait to get back and see you all. Emma.

Leanne said...

Thanks so much Eleanor for bringing Pippen to visit - Aiden & Izaak were both very impressed with your cute friend. Aiden now thinks he might like a guinea pig instead of the rabbit he has wanted for the last year!


lynhar said...

Milly loved the guinea pig. She didn't know what a guinea pig was before meeting Pippen. I thought it was lovely that Pippen came to Manaia Kindy for a holiday.


pebsandjo said...

Thankyou Elenor, it was great having pipin at our kindergarten, I hadnt ever seen a guinea pig before and I was very interested in watching it!!