Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fire Engine Visits Manaia

A long time ago Riley wrote a letter to the fire department asking if a fire engine could visit Manaia Kindergarten. Riley waited and waited and eventually (after phoning to remind Scott - Tania's husband) a day was organised for the Fire Engine to visit. We knew today was the day when we heard the fire engine's siren's off in the distance, sure enough it turned into Manaia Kindergarten's driveway. We had great fun checking out the firefighters special fire proof gear - coat, gloves, helmet, boots and trousers and talked about the safety issues - why do Firefighters need to wear special gear? Tania showed us how it looked on! We learnt all about the Fire Fighters breathing apparatus and Scott put it on for us and we heard the sound that it makes. Scott explained that if we were in a fire and heard that noise we would know we were safe as the Firefighters were coming to get us. We all had a turn at seeing how the fire hose worked and turning it on and off. We explored inside the Fire Engine and some of us had turns at turning on the siren. What a great morning learning about Fire Engines and Fire safety. Check out the video to see the amazing fun we had today with the fire engine.

Thanks Scott for visiting and showing us the fire engine.


lynhar said...

Milly told us that Scott isn't Spiderman anymore he is Fireman Scott! We did wonder about his day job! She was full of information about fire engines and saftey clothes. Another great experience for Manaia Kindy children. They looked like they had so much fun and I know there would have been a million teaching and learning moments come about because of Scott's visit. Thanks very much.

Breakaway Retreat said...

Liam really enjoyed the fire truck visit to Kindergarten. He told us all about the fire truck and how they put out all the fires at kindergarten.

Liam has been busy at home building his own special fire truck and putting out all the fires on the property.

Liam was so thrilled on Thursday to be able to take home the fire mans suit. Of course the suit stayed on all day until he went to bed!

I really enjoyed watching Mac and Liam running around Kindy on Friday put out all the fires. What great firemen you were.

Mum and Dad.

pebsandjo said...

Thankyou Scott for bringing the fire engine out to Manaia kindergarten. Mac really enjoyed using the firehose and sitting in the fire truck. He especially enjoyed being able to wear the fireman outfit.

Maybe you will be a fireman when you grow up Mac???

Leanne said...

Wow how lucky were you Aiden getting to use a real fire hose and then having a turn 'driving' the fire truck. Imagine using that hose for your waterfights with your brothers!
Mum was lucky enough to sit in the truck as well (it was the first time I have been in a fire truck)

Thanks for visiting Scott.

Love Mum