Friday, November 30, 2007

A visitor from Russia!

Anya has moved to New Zealand from Russia and is living at McLeods Bay. Anya came to Kindergarten today to introduce us to Yoga. Anya brought along a "Matreshka" - Russian Doll - to share with us. At mat time we looked at the Matreshka and were amazed as we had turns to open each doll. Remember how many dolls there were? 12 Dolls ranging in size from BIG to very, very little! Anya then took us on a yoga adventure. We began by being Mountains, stretching way up high into the sky - we turned into Eagles with long tails and big wings, stretching our bodies. Next we were cobras on the ground... We also made turtle shapes, cat shapes and boats with our bodies. It was an amazing adventure moving our bodies into different positions. Tania and Beverly were amazed at our concentration skills and our ability to move our bodies into the shapes. We look forward to Anya visiting again - next time it will be a journey to South Africa! Anya is offering Yoga classes for children, see Tania or Beverly for information.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pippens long stay at Manaia

We have been enjoying Pippen at Manaia Kindergarten for a whole week. We have learnt about keeping animals well feed and making sure they have water. We have cleaned her cage giving her fresh straw and newspaper. She loves to hid under the clean straw. Onerahi Kindergarten taught us to make a circle with our feet to keep Pippen safe with us when she is out of the cage. When we held Pippen we knew to hold her gently - because she is just small and it is our job to protect her. We loved feeding Pippen carrot weed - and she loved eating it. Once she escaped from her safe circle of friends and hid in the shade. Guniea Pigs can run fast. Zoe loved giving Pippen cuddles and asked if we could have a Guniea Pig at Manaia Kindergarten all the time. We decided we would talk to Emma about bringing in her pet rabbit (Rocket) and her new babybunny. We will wait until next week to talk to Emma.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fire Engine Visits Manaia

A long time ago Riley wrote a letter to the fire department asking if a fire engine could visit Manaia Kindergarten. Riley waited and waited and eventually (after phoning to remind Scott - Tania's husband) a day was organised for the Fire Engine to visit. We knew today was the day when we heard the fire engine's siren's off in the distance, sure enough it turned into Manaia Kindergarten's driveway. We had great fun checking out the firefighters special fire proof gear - coat, gloves, helmet, boots and trousers and talked about the safety issues - why do Firefighters need to wear special gear? Tania showed us how it looked on! We learnt all about the Fire Fighters breathing apparatus and Scott put it on for us and we heard the sound that it makes. Scott explained that if we were in a fire and heard that noise we would know we were safe as the Firefighters were coming to get us. We all had a turn at seeing how the fire hose worked and turning it on and off. We explored inside the Fire Engine and some of us had turns at turning on the siren. What a great morning learning about Fire Engines and Fire safety. Check out the video to see the amazing fun we had today with the fire engine.

Thanks Scott for visiting and showing us the fire engine.

Tunnel Rolling

A day of thinking of new innovative ideas at Kindergarten today for Raquel and Maggie. I was standing outside when suddenly this long red "creature" came rolling towards me! I think I would have been scared had I not heard the giggling sounds coming from inside! What was it? It was Maggie and Raquel rolling there way through Kindergarten in the tunnel. It took alot of physical energy and coordination to get the long tunnel moving. They worked as a team to move the tunnel from one end of the grass to the middle. Temiluca thought they had a great plan and jumped in to help them. They found it was a lot harder to move in time with 3 people inside. At mat time today we showed all of the children Maggie & Raquel's movie of the rolling tunnel and lots of other children gave it a go today. It is great that we continue to try out new ideas at Kindergarten and share our ideas with friends! I wonder what will happen next!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mr Squirrel's First Day at Manaia Kindergarten NZ

What an exciting day at Manaia Kindergarten. We had a HUGE parcel arrive from the USA, from our friends at Kindergarten Tales. We had an exciting time at mat time opening our parcel and meeting Mr Squirrel and looking at all of our books about squirrels. We read our new books throughout the session while Mr Squirrel had a good look around his new home. THANKS HEAPS to our very special friends at Kindergarten Tales. We will take great care of Mr Squirrel and keep you up to date with what he is up to in New Zealand. We can't wait for you to recieve your parcel from us....


Lots of Love

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A message from Emma.

Check out Emma's excellent blog We have especially enjoyed watching the movies of the animals - baboons, lions, emus and elephants... so much to see in South Africa. Luckily we haven't had to pay any money to travel... Thanks Emma for sharing your adventures with us.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Animated Faces

Guess who these wacky faces belong to?

Friday, November 9, 2007

Pippen Visits from Onerahi Kindergarten

Eleanor read a story to a small group of children and in the story there was a picture of two small animals. Eleanor asked the group if they knew what kind of animal they were. Some children thought they were rats, others were not so sure. Eleanor said that they were actually Guinea Pigs. Tegan said she had never seen a guinea pig before and that when Eleanor told us about Pippen. Pippen is the pet guinea pig that lives at Onerahi Kindergarten. Today Eleanor brought Pippen in for a visit. We had a great time with Pippen. She was a quiet, patient guinea pig who loved cuddles and eating grass. She ate all the grass we fed her and squeaked with joy. We loved her noises too. We enjoyed Pippen's stay so much that today we sent a fax to Onerahi Kindergarten asking if Pippen could come and visit for a week... Here is a movie about Pippen's visit. Thanks to Eleanor (our teacher while Tania is away) and Helen (Head teacher at Onerahi) for organising this first introduction to Pippen, the guinea pig. We look forward to her longer stay.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

What only a Mum can say...

Thought it was time for the Mums (and Dads) to have a bit of a laugh at themselves, reflect and enjoy...

Thanks to Sharon Carlson, ICT Facilitor for the Central North Island, for sharing this with us all.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Shapes at Manaia Kindergarten

Over the past week we have been working on a project about Shapes. This project was inspired by a movie created by Kindergarten Tales in Chicago, USA. We talked about shapes at mat time and it was amazing where they found shapes they could name. The children took turns with all three cameras at the Kindergarten and found shapes they recognised inside, outside and in their lunchboxes. We put a movie together today to share with our friends in the USA. Here is what Manaia Kindergarten children created with the photos they shot...