Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ulearn 07 - Presentation Evaluation

  • Please comment on how you feel about the course content, format and presentation?
  • Do you have any suggestions as to ways in which this workshop programme might be improved or developed for future sessions?
  • We would love to hear your comments on our presentation/children's work/and blogging in general.
  • Remember to look through the blog and leave comments for the children under their posts.


shandie said...

Tania & Beverly, what you've achieved
in such a short space of time is just awesome. Thank you for sharing this
wonderful journey and creating an amazing rippling effect.

Joyce said...

Thank you! I have found this Breakout very exciting. I appreciate the help you have been very willing to give.

Nayland Kindergarten said...

Thanks Manaia Kindergarten for your workshop, it is great to work with teachers who make it look exciting and achievable. I am heading off to have a play and make it happen in my kindergarten.
We have got a bit stuck on cybersafety issues but as you pointed out you just have to manage the process and be wise practitioners. Respecting families wishes too.
Thanks hope we can skype soon.

mari said...

great workshop guys!!! now we have a blog for riverside kindergarten.
very exciting.
thank you

Rangi Tapara said...

At first I was a scared in coming to this breakout because I had no idea about what blogging was. The presentation was awesome and inspiring. You ladies have done a wonderful job with our blog. It's great for the children to be in charge of what they what to put on the blog. It is a very valuable tool for the busy parents of today, not to mention whanau that live over the seas. I would love to have something like this for our centre and our whanau.

Thank you so much.

rachel reynolds kindergarten said...

Congratulations on a wonderful presentation, I particularly enjoyed the clips on how your children have progressed. We have just started on this ICT path of learning and with your help today I am sure you will see some blogging practice from us.
Rachel Reynolds Kindergarten

Hikuai School said...

Thank you very much for opening my eyes and helping my school to become part of the ripple.

Brendon Morrissey
Principal of Hikuai School.

Jody Hayes said...

Well, couldn't be there but following you in cyberspace anyway. Voyagers love reading your blogs. Well done, your journey is well worth sharing!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Bev and Tania! Your presentation was evidence of your hard work, motivation. An inspiration to us all!

Mark and Debra said...

Hi Emily, Megan and Sam,

Hope you are all well, I'm having a great time in Denmark and enjoying the course. Don't tell your mom that if she ask I'm having a miserable time without her.

Well miss you loads.

will be home soon

Lots of love


Rachel Hamilton said...

Dear Joshua
what a cool blog site your kindy has! I can see you have a lot of fun at kindy! What exciting things you do!
We love and miss you! Have a great day
From Your friend in America,
Rachel Hamilton