Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mac's Farmyard Story

Mac arrived at Kindergarten today with a plan. Mac's plan was to build a farm with all of the animals, he wanted to take photos of it and specifically wanted it "on the blog". Mac's Mum told me that Mac looks at the blog every night and is very interested it what is on it. Mac worked really hard with his friend Liam to organise his farm. They build paddocks using different sized pieces of wood and tried out a variety of animals in each paddock before they came up with the finished farm. Next it was time to download the photos I had taken and make it into a movie. Mac knew he wanted to talk on the movie so we went into the office to use the microphone. Mac showed amazing confidence in talking to his pictures and knew exactly what he wanted to say. As we were saving Mac's movie the computer "crashed" - what a disappointment.. "Will it still be on the blog?" Mac asked. I had to explain that we would have to do it all over again... Mac showed amazing perserverence as he worked through the whole process again. I was very impressed with his persistence and know he was happy with his finished product. "Can you put it on the blog now?" Mac asked... Well here it is Mac. I know your Mum and Dad and family will be very proud of you just like I am. I look forward to their comments.

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Manaia kindergarten said...

hi mac
Well done you have done amazing work at kindergarten today. It was so cool to see you on the blog. You and Liam look like you worked really well together. Mum and Dad really enjoyed watching it, we hope to see you again

lots of love mum and dad and luke

pebsandjo said...

Wow Mac, what great work, we have enjoyed showing everyone that comes to our house how clever you are. Mum and dad are really proud of the good work you are doing at kindergarten

theweres said...

Wow MAC what an impressive farm I think you and Liam are very clever. Lots of love Aunty Chrissy and the Cuzzis