Thursday, October 25, 2007

Learning the Monkey Bars

Mac said "Tania, I can do the monkey bars, take a photo of me" - that is what we did. Mac wanted to put his photos on the blog so "mum and dad and opa and Howie can see them"... Here are Mac's photos. Mac is practicing and practicing and developing his muscles so he can make it all the way across the monkey bars. At the moment he can make 2 monkey bars.. Good Luck Mac!


pebsandjo said...

Well done Mac, what great photos. With a little more practice you might be able to do 3 monkey bars, keep up the good work, lots of love mum, dad and luke

Breakaway Retreat said...

Well done Mac! Liam has been telling us that you have been practicing on the monkey bars. You have done really well so far to get to 2 monkey bars. With lots and lots of more practice you will be able to do all the monkey bars.

Sheelagh, Mark, Liam and Niall.

chrisando said...

Well done Mac, Opa and I are really enjoying watching your work on the blog. Soon you will be so strong that you will be able to do more monkey bars.

Lots of love Howie and Opa

theweres said...

Awsome MAC I cant believe you can do the monkey bars already. You really are growing up. Lots of love Aunty Chrissy and the Cuzzis