Tuesday, October 23, 2007

KinderOlympics 2007

What an awesome day we had at the KinderOlympics. Tony drove us in the bus to Okara Park where we had a quick bit to eat before taking part in the March Past with all the other kindergartens that attended. There was a lot of excitement and hundreds of other children at the Olympics. We began our first activity - sack races then moved through the other 6 challenges. We kicked balls, jumped hoops, threw beanbags, crawled tunnels, rolled, ran, bounced - check it all out on the movie.

Thanks to all the parents who joined in this years KinderOlympics. Everything ran smoothly.


Cindy said...

That was GREAT! Awesome! Cool!
You're doing great on the Olympics.
We loved it!

Breakaway Retreat said...

Congratulations everyone at Mania Kindergarten for participating in the KinderOlympics.

Liam you did a great job balancing on robe. Well Done, Mum and Dad are proud of you for taking part and having lots of fun at the KinderOlympics.

pebsandjo said...

Hi everyone at Manaia Kindergarten. Thanks for a fun day, Mac you enjoyed the day and gave everything a go, good on you. We really enjoyed watching you on the blog. Lots of love mum,dad and luke