Wednesday, October 17, 2007


At the recent conferences Tania and I attended we took note of new ideas to challenge the children with. We have observed these ideas in action, reflected on their implementation, and come up with revised ideas to explore with the children at Manaia Kindergarten. Exploring resources such as the ones you can see on the movie below, provides children with creative opportunities as well as exploring Math and Science concepts. The children choose from a range of resources, glass beads, grey stones, animals, feathers,... and create patterns, shapes, words, designs. When their creation is complete they use the digital camera to document their work, and then they sort the resources back into the boxes.

Here is the beginning of this new journey for them...

When Emily and Megan began to explore these resources their brother and their sister joined them. The four siblings worked together - exploring, sharing, helping. Emily was so excited about it all that she said she wanted the photos she took on the blog (see movie above). Here are the four of them - enjoying Kindergarten together.


parua bay primary school said...

Very creative children at Manaia Kindy! I loved looking at all your 3D art work. I hope some of you come to Parua Bay School when you are 5 we'd love to have more talented artists at our school.

Cindy said...

Hello Kindergarten Friends,
We loved looking at your pictures today. Looks like you had fun working with all the stuff.

rachel reynolds kindergarten said...

Kei te pai to mahi tamariki ma.
I think you are all very creative. I will show our children tomorrow and post their comments.

Mark and Debra said...

It was great to see the photo of you all getting along and sharing together at kindy. It's nice to see that even though you are brother and sisters you are also good friends too.

You make us very proud!!!

Lots of Love
Mummy and Daddy

Ps the art work looks great x