Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Emily and Megan's Foal


Cindy said...

Megan and Emily,
Thank you so much for sharing your photos with everyone. What a beautiful surprise to find in the morning. None of the families in our class have horses. You're very lucky. And you're right, they do LOVE each other! How very sweet!
Thanks again for sharing!

lynhar said...

Dear Megan and Emily
Thanks for showing me your horses on our blogspot. Thanks for telling me what the baby's name is.
I like the name Darby.
From Milly Kirby

Nanny & Grandad said...

Megan & Emily
Great to see the new member of the Carter family hope mom & son are ok and can not wait to see them in person at christmas
Lots of love Nanny & Grandad

Hurupaki Kindergarten said...

Hi Emily and Megan
Georgia at Hurupaki Kindergarten enjoyed watching the movie of your new foal.