Friday, October 12, 2007

Artists in Action

Term 4 2007 – with the idea of an art exhibition in mind we have decided to explore the variety of art mediums we have available at Kindergarten. This will be an ideal opportunity to introduce the various mediums and options to many of our new children at Kindergarten and to increase our knowledge of following processes. We have no finished “product” in mind and are excited by the possibilities.

We begin – using cardboard, sponges, rollers and a variety of paint colours. We talked to the children about our ideas and about how we would like to start by painting a background. Children were able to choose their colours and method of painting their background. All the way through we discussed ideas of “what next” and the children came up with ideas of using different coloured paint, including shapes, drawing pictures… At mat time we talked about what we had done and looked at various children’s work – we discussed ideas of what we could do tomorrow and reminded children about planning and thinking about ideas. Parents also were involved with the ideas process and Hunderwasser was mentioned… Angie phoned the library to see if any books available but were all out….

The next day – we used the internet to find Hunderwasser pictures and printed them out and laminated. These pictures were displayed on the art table for inspiration! Riley was involved in setting up the table and chose the paints he thought would work best and got these ready. Pastels were also available. We experimented with pencils and vivids. Some children decided to draw their picture first with pencil or vivid, others decided to use paint and/or pastels. Our pictures are looking amazing….. We are impressed with the persistence being displayed by our children and the thought processes they are using to design and create their masterpieces. We talked to the children about buying special gold and silver pens to outline their pictures and add special effects. Again children’s work was showcased at mat time, pointing out the various ways children had used art mediums.

What happens next….

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Linda said...

Kia ora!
It is exciting to read about your art experiences and to see you all in action painting the backgrounds and then adding the detailed drawings. I wonder how long it took for the backgrounds to dry?