Monday, September 10, 2007

Megan conquers the Monkey Bars!

After many months of practicing and persistence with the monkey bars, today was the day! The day you made it right across the monkey bars! All of your friends were very proud of you and came running to tell me, the look on your face said it all, you were also very proud of yourself! I quickly ran to get the camera to take photos of this momentous day in action. I was very impressed when you did it again Megan – all the way to the other side, a look of determination on your face and your tongue out! Well done Megan, you have now joined the very special “club” of those who have conquered those monkey bars! Now it is time for you help other children, remind them to practice and encourage them too. I wonder who will be next to conquer the monkey bars?


Cindy said...

Way to go Megan!! I can see that you are focused on making it across. I also see your friend cheering you on! Aren't you proud of yourself? I am so glad we get to see this special moment here.
GO MEGAN!!!! ;-)

Cindy said...

Dear Megan,
We are very proud of you for doing the monkey bars. Keep up the good work.

The AM Class

Mark and Debra said...

Well Done Megan!

We knew you could do it, i am sure you wil enjoy teaching your Emily, Sam and Tilly how to do it too.

We are very proud and love you lots and lots

Mummy and Daddy XXXX

Jess said...

Wow Megan am very impressed with your monkey bar effort.
Emily is getting very good on the bar here at therapy, I bet she isn't too far behind you!
Congrats on a great cross country effort Emily and Sam!
Looking forward to our next therapy session,
(Hope you haven't had a sore neck or headaches this week?)