Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Kindergarten Cross Country


Cindy said...

Hello Manaia Kindergarten!
It was so nice to chat with you earler. I watched your video! I imagined a lot more mud! Thank goodness I was wrong! ;-) It was very helpful to see it all in the video. Interestingly, we have a similar thing we do here. Also, what Riley said is an "ice block" we call a "popsicle" here. ;-) They look yummy anywhere in the world. :-)
When we have our Field Day here, we get popsicles afterwards too. Isn't that interesting?
We won't do Field Day for a while. It comes at the end of Kindergarten.
I look forward to sharing your video with my class tomorrow.

Manaia kindergarten said...

Well Done!! You all are fantastic runners!!! It looks like you had fun and

Treehouse Dwellers said...

What tremendous effort by everyone! The determination to finish the race once started was amazing to watch. You can all be very proud of yourselves for doing your best to be fit and healthy.

Breakaway Retreat said...

Well done everyone for taking part in your Cross Country. You all looked like you had a great time running. Liam, Mum and Dad are proud of you for participating in the Cross Country, we know you really enjoyed running with your friends.

The Prossers

Jess said...

Kiaora Emily and the Carter Whanau,
Congrats on your excellent effort in the cross-country (sorry our comment is a bit late!).
THANKYOU!!! very much for our lovely lovey cake, we all enjoyed it very much. The sprinkles were very pretty, and we have the card on the wall.
Keep up the GREAT work,
Looking forward to seeing what you can do next year!
Love, Ella and Jess.
p.s. my trip to australia was very good. jess.

pebsandjo said...

Well done everyone, great running great effort
the rivers