Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dad's Fish and Chips Night

We have been looking forward to this night for weeks. We have been learning the Fish and Chips song and looking forward to singing and dancing with our Dad’s. Tonight was the night! We arrived at Kindergarten and it was still light enough to play outside for awhile. We showed our Dad’s our portfolios and our work displayed on the walls. We read stories and did puzzles. Soon it was time for mat time, time to dance and sing the Fish and Chip song before we got to eat our YUMMY Fish and chips! It was a great picnic with all of our friends and Dads eating off the paper with lots of tomato sauce to share around. Tidy up time came far too quickly but luckily there was a special fairy cake to eat (THANKS Debra!) while Beverly read us a bedtime story. Home to bed to dream about eating Fish and Chips. We look forward to our next event!


Leanne said...

Aiden I had a cool time with you and your friends at the Fish & Chips Night. Thanks Tania & Beverly


parua bay primary school said...

Milly, Daddy and Uncle Vaughan had a great time at the fish and chips night. Thanks for the opportunity to get the Dads involved Tania and Beverly.

Breakaway Retreat said...

Liam, we had a great time at the Fish and Chips night. Good to meet all your friends at Kindergarten. Thanks Tania and Beverly for organising.

pebsandjo said...

Hi Mac, I really enjoyed the fish and chip night. It was awesome to see your portfolio and all the things you do at kindergarten. thankyou for showing me

love dad