Thursday, August 16, 2007

Shea’s Painting

“I put tops in there and lots of blue on the bottom and yellow on the top…. And Aliens and skeletons !!!!!
See the picture you can make it a different colour”

Shea created this masterpiece on the Digital Blue Microscope software.


brian said...

Good Morning Shea and all the kids in the Manaia Kindergarten. I am sending this from Aberdeen in Scotland. Perhaps your teacher will show you where that is on the map. It takes all day on an aeroplane to get there, I wish it was nearer and then we could visit more often.
This site is great and the pictures and movies are very good, mind you I hope I dont meet any of the creepy-crawlies that are in your movie.
People from all over the world will see your pictures and movies so make sure its your very best work.
Grandma and I are off to Spain today, perhaps your teacher will show you where that is on your map.

All of you keep up the good work as we will be looking in on your site from Scotland

Nikki said...

Hi Shea and all your friends,looks like you are having lots of fun at your Kinde. I enjoyed your movie and your picture was great. Your cousin Blair is getting very big and is almost a year old. I don't think it will be long before he is walking and then he will have me running around after him all the time. He has lots of blond hair like you and your brother! It is summer here in Scotland but not a very good one as we have had lots of rain. Not blue skies like you have over there!

I hope you continue to enjoy Kinde and look forward to seeing more lovely pictures.

Lots of Love

Auntie Nikki, Uncle Colin and Blair xx