Thursday, August 16, 2007

Shea's Movie

Shea has waited a long time to have his movie up on our Blog. Today Shea wanted to put the movie up together with the teachers. He also wants to a movie he made about bugs onto the blog.
Heres Shea's story about his time at Kindergarten.


brian said...

Hi Shea and all the kids in the Manaia Kindergarten. I am sending this from Aberdeen in Scotland.Perhaps your teacher will show you where that is on the map. It's a long way from New Zealand,it takes all day to get there by aeroplane, I wish it was nearer so that we could visit more often.
The pictures and movies are really good. You must always do your best for this site as people all over the world will probably want to see your work.
Today Grandma and I are off to Spain, thats another place your teacher might show you on the map.
All of you keep up the good work.

Gary L said...

Hi there Shea, what a great picture and movie. We're checking it out from Aberdeen, Scotland too. We love the blog you and your friends are doing so we'll be logging on again to see what new stuff you guys are putting up there.

Say hi to your Mum & Luke.

From Uncle Gaz, Auntie Fi, Jessica & Olivia