Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sewing Stars at Manaia Kindergarten

WOW Sewing has really taken off at Manaia Kindergarten and we are becoming competent at sewing! We begin by drawing a picture on the hessian, choosing what colour wool we would like to use, threading the needle and beginning our stitches. Tania helps us with threading the needle and tying knots at the end so our wool doesn't come undone. Everyone is very impressed with how quick we are to pick up sewing skills and the amazing creations we are producing. We are becoming sewing experts!


Breakaway Retreat said...

Wow! What great sowers you all are at Manaia Kindergerten. You have all been concentrating very hard on your work. Well done everybody.

Sheelagh and Mark

Mark and Debra said...

Awesome job Emily, i was amazed at the effort you put in especially as you'd said before you didn't like sewing. Good on you for trying it i know you can't wait to do more on Monday.

Love Daddy X

Ian Pritchard said...

Zoƫ, It was cool to see you on the blog. You are doing such a great job of your sewing - keep having fun and trying new things!