Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Library Bus

Living out on the Whangarei Heads, with the Kindergarten on the shores of the harbour is magical. Access to a library, however, could be difficult - if it wasn't for the great service of the Whangarei Library Bus!! Once a MONTH :-) the bus rolls down our road and comes to a halt outside our front door. The cheers from the children can be heard by the Librarian Wendy, driving the bus. They rush to the gate to watch as Wendy sets the bus up for eager readers. We traipse on in groups of four – scavenge through the shelves to find a book to treasure for a month, sit on the bean bags or the steps of the bus to check out our find and then give our books to Wendy to process. We then race back to Kindergarten and open new worlds of words and illustrations. We love the days when the Library Bus comes to Kindergarten.


Nanny & Grandad said...

Hi Emily and Megan,

It's lovely news that the library bus comes to kindy.You are lucky to have all those books to choose from may be you can show us the books you picked on the web cam.

Lots of love Nanny and Grandad xxx

Tracey said...

When I was sitting at mat-time on Friday I was so surprised to see a big bus drive past the windows of Kindergarten! I soon realised it was the library bus and thought Manaia Kindergarten is so lucky to have the opportunity to have a library right outside their door. I noticed how much everyone loved having their turn to go into the bus. What a neat way to choose books!

kiwikayes said...

Hello Manaia Kindy, we are Bev's parents, Anne and Stuart writing to you from Brecon Wales, where we have been staying at a youth hostel, touring and hiking around the countryside. Today we climbed a mountain 2900 ft high - that's nearly 1000 metres and is the highest mountain in South Wales. We have enjoyed visiting your blog site - good work Bev and Tania!

Library Sue said...

It makes me very happy to hear that you all enjoy the library bus so much. Sometimes I get to ride on the library bus with Wendy and Glenn and that is a real treat. Maybe sometime... before too long... I'll be able to hop on the library bus and visit your school.
I will look forward to that day!
Happy reading!
from Library Sue