Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Farewell Oscar

Today we had to say Good-bye to Oscar. Keri, his Mum, came in for the celebrations and made pikelets with the children. What a wonderful morning it was - many of the children and parents sitting around the table enjoying eachothers company and helping eachother as we shook up the cream, flip the pikelets, spread on the jam, and enjoyed the taste. Safety issues were discussed, taking turns was essentials, observing techniques, tasting something new for some children were some of the learning skills that were practiced... with a tasty reward in the end.


Jill Hammonds said...

Hi Manaia Kindergarten.
What a fabulous blog you have going here. I have really enjoyed looking at your art works with all their colour and action.
What fun you must have had making pikelets for Oscar's farewell. I could never make very good pikelets but I used to make scones and lots of other interesting recipes when I was teaching a class. That also looks like a very tasty cake to celebrate the 1000 visits to your blog site - and now you are well on your way to your 2000 celebration.
Keep up the good work!

Venmore said...

Gosh those pikelets looked yummy. I wonder if you will be making them again and can remember what ingredients goes in them - I will have to stay next time!! Well done.