Monday, August 27, 2007

Explorations in Art

Manaia Kindergarten children continue to explore paint and texture, sculpture and collage. They have been keen to share their work on the blog. Much of what you will see in this video has been created as decorations for our up-coming Fish&Chip evening with Dad's (a Father's Day celebration). Check it out and feel free to contribute your thoughts and encouragement.


Venmore said...

What beautiful art work. The colours were so vibrant and I loved the shells in the collage work. I am sure the Dad's are going to have a great time at the fish and chip night. I look forward to seeing more art on the blog. From Mia's mum.

Tony said...

Congratulations and great work on this blog. I love all the movies that display the children's creativity and learning. The art here is absolutely precious. Keep up the good work. I will have my class of 9th graders (14/15 yr. olds) look in and leave comments.

Mr. Anthony Powell
Delaware, USA

Kesia said...

Cool paintings!! I really like all the collages and things you have made! You kindy kids are very creative and i cant wait to see more of your art!