Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Another of Sewing Stars!


lynhar said...

Great sewing Manaia Kindy Kids! Fashion designers in the making? Milly we love your elephant.
Mum & Dad x

Cindy said...

Hello Kindergarteners,
Wow, what a nice job you are doing on your sewing projects. I noticed that some of you drew pictures and others have words, how did you decide what to put on your cloth for sewing? Also, what type of fabric are you sewing on? I think my Kindergarten class would love to do a similar project. Thanks for a lovely video.


Paul said...

Great work Jemma, can't wait till the fish and chip night !!

Dad xx

Kesia said...

Great sewing guys! You made some cool things and it looks like you are having heaps of fun sewing at Kindy! You sure ARE sewing STARS!!!!!!